Real estate services

Recruitment and management

We study the solvency of each future tenant, guiding, advising, and adapting according to their needs.

If the tenant is accepted by the property and the insurance company, we take care of the first year of the insurance of the rent amount in favor of the LANDLORD.

We carry out rental contracts for both housing and different uses other than housing, updated according to the current urban lease law.

Supply management:

  • We carry out name changes with the respective companies.
  • We carry out domicile changes.

Legalization and deposit of the deposit in Incasòl (I.C.S.)

Processing of the Rental Guarantee

Monitoring of possible incidents that may arise within the property and/or building.

Absolute communication with tenants by providing them with a fixed office telephone, 2 mobile phones, WhatsApp, email... and extended opening hours for public access.

Conservation and maintenance of real estate

Control and management of incidents within the property and/or building.

Fast actions, subject to approval of estimates between manager/landlord.

We have:

  • Cleaning team
  • Electricians
  • Carpentry
  • Builders

Legal services

CIVIL and CRIMINAL lawyer (Patricia Siepierski / Laura Domenech)

Legal advice.



Processing of monitorios and/or debt claims.

Procuradora (Margarita Giró)

Monthly administration management

Management and collection of receipts (N19/N57). CaixaBank/Banc Sabadell/Catalunya Caixa/Banco Popular

Monthly payment and liquidation of collected receipts.

Control of unpaid bills / follow-up.

I.P.C. increase.

Rent review.

Contract terminations.

Apartment reviews.

Financial liquidations.


Annual summaries (for tax declaration)

Urban planning licenses and files

The building surveyor Ricard Ansón Garriga is in charge of managing:

  • Processing of habitability certificates.
  • Processing of energy efficiency certificates.
  • Processing of Technical Building Inspections.
  • Processing of urban planning files
  • Cadastre
  • Valuations


We are agents of the insurance company specialized in the real estate sector:


Promotion service

Own website

Publication of real estate on internet portals: HABITACLIA, FOTOCASA, YA ENCONTRE...

Management fees for lessor administration

Monthly administration: **% + VAT according to taxable base of receipts collected.

Preparation of housing rental contract: * + VAT.

Preparation of rental contract for uses other than housing: * + VAT.

Fees for technical architect will be charged based on an accepted quote.

Fees for legal department will be charged based on an accepted quote.

Tenant management fees

We charge 1 monthly rent as a fee + VAT.